PEOPLE'S SUMMIT and TENT CITY June 14 - 17, 2009
Grand Circus Park, (Woodward and Adams), Detroit
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Conference for Comprehensive Migratory Reform

Detroit, Michigan - Saturday, June 13 to Sunday, June 14
Organizers of May 1st from the cities of Los Angeles, San Antonio, New York, Chicago, Detroit, etc.

Dear Activists:

After the great success of the May 1st marches which were held in over 100 cities, Latinos United in Michigan invites all activists of the migratory movement to participate in the Conference for Comprehensive Migratory Reform, which will be in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday, June 13 and Sunday, June 14. The purpose of the conference is to democratically discuss the steps to be followed in order to accomplish objectives for comprehensive migratory reform and which are suitable to the needs of immigrants. Taking into account the expectations created by President Barack Obama in his declarations about comprehensive migratory reform and the actual political-social-economic conditions, we need to know of the necessity of continuing to democratically pursue the fulfillment of our objectives.

For those activists who wish to attend the "People's Summmit" (national event), on Sunday June 14 we will have a tour of the city of Detroit. Detroit has been devastated by the financial, energy, environmental, economic, crisis. ( Ironically, this crisis was caused by the same forces that oppose the comprehensive migratory reform.) At the end of the tour, we will join the "People's Summit". In this event we will state our position with respect to the comprehensive migratory reform before other groups of activists who will meet here in Detroit to participate in this event.

For more information call or write to Latinos United of Michigan: Ignacio 313 575 4933, Rosendo 313 580 5474


Rosendo Delgado (313) 580 ? 5474
Ignacio Meneses (313) 575 ? 4933
Latinos United of Michigan

“Conferencia por una Reforma Migratoria Amplia”
Detroit, Michigan Sabado 13 y Domingo 14 de Junio, 2009.

Organizadores del Primero de Mayo de las ciudades de Los Angeles, New york, chicago Detroit, San Antonio,etc.

Estimado@s Activistas:

De spues del gran exito de las Marchas “Primero de Mayo” que se celebraron en mas de 100 ciudades en los EEUU.
Latinos Unidos de Michigan extiende una invitacion a todos los activistas del movimiento migratorio a participar en La
“Conferencia por una Reforma Migratoria Amplia” Esta se efectuara en Detroit, Michigan Sabado13 y Domingo

El Sabado 13 de Junio, 2009. La conferencia es con la finalidad de discutir democraticamente los pasos a seguir para lograr nuestros objetivos que comprenden una Reforma Migratoria Amplia y adecuada a las necesidades de los inmigrantes.
Tomando en cuenta las expectativas que ha creado el Presidente Barac Obama en sus declaraciones sobre una Reforma
Migratoria Amplia y las condiciones social-economicas-politicas actuales; debemos reconocer la necesidad de seguir
presionando democraticamente para conseguir nuestros objetivos.

Para aquell@s activistas que deseen asistir al “People's Summit” (evento nacional), el domingo 14 de Junio tendremos
una gira(tour) de la ciudad de Detroit que ha sido devastada por la crisis economica, social, energetica, ambiental, etc.
(Ironicamente, esta crisis fue causada por las mismas fuerzas que se oponen a la Reforma Migratoria Amplia) Al terminar
la gira, nos incorporaremos al “People's Summit” En este evento expondremos nuestra postura en lo que respecta a la
“Reforma Migratoria Amplia” ante otros grupos de activistas que se reuniran aqui en Detroit para participar en dicho evento.

Para mas informacion llame o escriba a Latinos Unidos de Michigan:
Ignacio 313 575 4933, Rosendo 313 58 0 5474


Rosendo Delgado (313) 580 – 5474
Ignacio Meneses (313) 5 75 – 4933
Latinos Unidos/United de Michigan

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